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Messalina / Les Orgies de Messaline / Messalina: the Virgin Empress / Messalina: Kaiserin und Hure watch online

1996, Italy, Porn Movie, Russian translation18+
    At the bloody end of Caligula's short reign, Claude his uncle is named emperor. This distinction allows him to celebrate his wedding with Messaline his superb cousin, who is delighted.
    But she must soon be disillusioned, Claude, all about his new functions, no longer seems to pay the slightest attention to his wife, but only to his "memory" on Etruscan civilization. Of an incandescent nature, Messaline multiplies the adventures with her own guard, then, with the complicity of a servant she goes to a tavern in order to satisfy her desires with avinees brutes, before finishing her sexual games with the slaves. of the wife repudiated by her husband.
    Denounced, she takes revenge on Claude's "damned soul" by seducing him and then accusing him of having raped her. She will know the joys of a true romance in the arms of a fiery centurion.
    From the rogue Jo D'Ambato, this film is one of the last offspring of a long line a blessed moment (of the Gods): the "pornopeplum", sub genre appeared in the bosom of the famous and paroxysmal "Caligula" by Tinto Brass, which has earned us many avatars featuring the most cruel or the most extravagant characters of the Roman Empire which nevertheless did not lack: namely Caligula, Neron, Tibere and others!

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