Luxure: My Wife's Obsessions watch online

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Ginebra Bellucci and Ricky Mancini are madly in love with each other and although they have been a couple for a long time, passion and desire are always present. They have indeed managed to find solutions to prevent routine from settling. Varying the pleasures is one of them. Tonight, the beautiful Spanish woman put on a set of lingerie that Ricky offered her especially for a very particular occasion. While the young thought they’d spend a romantic evening together, Ricky tells her that he had a small surprise for her. While she waits for him on the bed caressing herself, Ginebra discovers with envy that another man was invited to share their frolic. Here is what to spend an excellent evening. Axel Reed, the guest of the evening, discovers with pleasure that apart from her talents in fellatio, the young woman is also a real adept of anal sex and double penetration.
  • Duration: 02:05:16
  • Language: Original
  • Quality: HD
Luxure: My Wife's Obsessions
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