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Erotic superstar Aletta Ocean seductively wraps her luscious breasts and the rest of her beguiling astral body in a wonderful Christmas costume and spoils her friend Maik with a nimble tongue, juicy rosette and delightfully dirty gadgets. Servant Ruprecht David is just dreamingly massaging the acorn as Angel Roxy appears as if by magic and presents our hero with her skull-proof, large paradise apples bared. With a juicy mouthpiece, soaking wet wetland and greedy bottom hole, the little piglet juices Santa's tail down to the last drop and gives him her wet panties for lonely hours. Big ass Cathy also stuffs her lover Jörg's cock into her throat to celebrate the day. The fabulous deepthroat is followed by a great ass fuck and a gigantic cum explosion. Chef angel Tarra White itches her cunt like crazy at the party. In a magical way, the instinctual bitch brings a man who has just had a fatal accident on earth into her heavenly bed in order to be screwed according to all the rules of the art. Enthusiastic about the thick mountains of butter and lascivious visage of his fairy godmother, the guy goes to work like crazy. Have fun with this erotic masterpiece. Merry Christmas.
  • Duration: 01:36:37
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Jingle Boobs
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