Site Film-Adult is publicly available to all Internet users. The resource administration does not search for documents that would prove that the copyright for the posted material already belongs to someone. We also inform you that not a single film is stored on our site, all films are taken from open sources on the Internet. At the same time, the Administration of the resource has a strong negative attitude to copyright infringement on its territory. Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive property rights, including:

- the exclusive right to reproduce;
- the exclusive right to distribution;
- the exclusive right to public display;
- the exclusive right to be communicated to the public.

and your rights are violated in one way or another by using this site, we ask you to immediately report to the complaint handling service by letter (in electronic form) using the form below.

Your message will be considered without fail;
You will receive a message about the results of the actions taken regarding the alleged violation of exclusive rights. Upon receipt of your message with correctly and as fully filled in data, it will be assigned a higher priority and a confirmation of receipt of the letter will be sent to the sender's address. The complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 5 (five) business days.
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1. Product dаta:
1.1. Product name - English or Russian (if there is no English version).
1.2. Official product page on the Internet (if available).
1.3. The number assigned to the product according to the state register.
1.4. For a Legal Entity / Rightholder of cinema and video materials - Rental Certificate (copy).

2. Information about the copyright holder:
2.1. Full name of the legal entity.
2.2. Mailing address. (in the case of a mismatch between the legal and postal addresses - the obligatory indication of the legal address).
2.3. The site of the copyright holder on the Internet.
2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activities are licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).
2.5. Contact person of the copyright holder (name, position, phone number, email).

3. Details of the person filing the complaint.
3.2. Position.
3.3. Telephone.
3.4. email.
3.5. A copy of the power of attorney to act on behalf of the Copyright Holder (not required if the person making the complaint is the head of the Copyright Holder's company).
3.6. A copy of the power of attorney from the Copyright Holder or his representative from the Site Administration for the right to publish copies of documents proving the rights to the product.

If the complaint is filed not by the copyright holder, but by his authorized representative - a legal entity, a copy of the power of attorney for the actions of an individual on behalf of the company authorized by the copyright holder's power of attorney should be submitted (not required if the person filing the complaint is the head of the representative's company).

4. Claim data.
4.1. The address of the website page that contains data that violates the rights.
4.2. A full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why the dissemination of this information is prohibited by the Copyright Holder).

5. Subscription on the legality of actions (filled in by hand and sent in a scanned version). Mandatory for every complaint.

I, "full name", acting on behalf of the "Legal name of the copyright holder" on the basis of the power of attorney "these powers of attorney" certify that all the data specified in this appeal are correct, "Name of the person" (Copyright Holder) - is the owner of exclusive property rights, including :

- the exclusive right to reproduce;
- the exclusive right to distribution;
- the exclusive right to public display;
- the exclusive right to be communicated to the public.

All of the above rights are valid on the territory of all countries of the world, all issues related to the payment of remuneration to the authors of the work are settled by the Copyright Holder, the Copyright Holder is not aware of the claims of third parties in relation to these rights.

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